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ScHo Raffle Entry – May 3 2020

A chance to WIN a 4-Stage Water Purification System

On behalf of Purified Solutions LLC and its staff, we’ll be accepting entries for a chance to win a 4-Stage Water Purification Drinking System on specific days (listed below) in 2020.

The Puronics MicroMax 7000™ Under-Sink Water Drinking System with a 5-Stage Purification process designed to produce crystal clear, clean, great-tasting water.

The quality construction and superior performance of this system ensures maximum protection of your family’s drinking water for years to come.

The 3-cartridge advanced technology is packaged in a low-profile, sleek, durable design that fits easily under any kitchen sink.

The chrome-finish spigot comes with a built-in air gap to avoid cross-contamination with waste water.

The MicroMax 7000™ is compatible with most spigots with different finishes.

Refresh Yourself® with the peace of mind and high-quality water that the MicroMax® 7000 provides with a whopping 10-Year manufacturer’s Warranty!

Figure 1.
The Puronics MicroMax 7000™ Advanced Reverse Osmosis Water Drinking System.

Figure 2.
The Puronics MicroMax 7000™ installed under the sink with a chrome spigot next to the main faucet.


One MicroMax 7000™ system will be raffled between 01/01/2020 – 12/31/2020. One entry per household. Multiple entries submitted for one household will be disqualified but will be received and recorded for future reference. One entry per person/household/address. Entry form must be filled out completely in order to qualify as a valid entry. Winner must have the MicroMax 7000™ system installed by Purified Solutions or one of its affiliates. Winner must pay local sales tax and installation costs which depend on implementation difficulties. Winner may choose a different product of equal or lesser value at no extra cost. The drawing will be issued in January of 2021 and the winner will be notified via email and telephone. Not valid where prohibited by law. You may also enter in person during exhibition days where Purified Solutions is expected to be present.

To enter in the raffle, please fill out the following entry form completely:

    * required field

    Full Name *:

    Email *:

    Street Address:

    , State *:
    ZIP Code *:

    Telephone *:

    Please check any conditions you experience with your water (check all that apply):
    Poor Tasting Coffee/Tea *:

    Poor Tasting Foods *:

    Salty Taste *:

    Chlorine Taste/Smell : *

    Brown Stains *:

    Rotten Smell *:

    Cloudiness *:

    Excessive Soap Scum *:

    Excessive Detergent Use *:

    Dry/Itchy Skin *:

    Rashes on Skin *:

    Dull Hair: *

    Stained/Ruined Laundry *:

    Scale Deposits *:

    Blue-Green Stains *:

    Other Stains:

    How would you rate your water?*

    Is drinking water quality important to you?*

    Do you buy bottled water?*

    Other Stains:*
    . If so, average monthly cost on water bottles?

    What age bracket describes you?*

    Number of people living in the household:*

    I want to schedule a FREE WATER TEST (valued at $175) * . If YES, best time to be Reached:



    I certify that the information I provided is true and complete to the best of my knowledge.

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