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Purified Solutions marked its path in Florida in 2005 by José Grullón who was coached by pioneers in the water treatment industry since then. As an exclusive authorized dealer of Puronics® Water Systems (founded in 1947), José has marked the path of “better Health and Lifestyle” to his clients with his passion and integrity. As a Certified Water Specialist and Installer from The Water Quality Association, José has earned the trust of everyone looking to improve the water consumed.

Like most people, José also used to say, “Water is just water,” until one day… He always knew that drinking water was one of the best ways to remain healthy, but he had a problem drinking the recommended daily amount, not to mention the rising cost of bottled water. He figured that a simple water filtration system was enough to give it a better taste, but he still couldn’t “swallow” so much water. He added different flavors, set it to different temperatures and still felt that he had to “shove the water down his throat.” So, he decided to do his own research and got to discover that it is easier, healthier and cost-effective to drink water at the point-of-use by removing most contaminants on the fly, the tap. Then he got deeply involved in the water treatment industry and realized that it was a whole new world out there!

“I became so involved and passionate about my findings that I decided to focus in this industry,” he said. “As water is essential to life, the quality of water we consume determines our quality of life. It only makes sense to drink high-quality water.”


With “Purification” in mind, José knew that the Air that we breathe was as important as the Water that we drink. In 2015, Purified Solutions incorporated the awareness of Air Quality with clinical-grade products that can safely remove particles as small as 0.007 microns (that’s 40x better compared to HEPA at only 0.3 microns). The difference turned out to be extraordinary!

Whether you have -or are looking for- a Bottleless Water Cooler, a Whole-House Water Filtration or Conditioner, Drinking Water Systems for your kitchen or an excellent Air Purifier for your environment, Purified Solutions has the solution in a more efficient, clean, environmentally friendly and cost effective way.

The following are a few of the many benefits from the products offered and serviced by Purified Solutions:

  • Chlorine-free water all around.
  • Eliminate the need for bottled water.
  • No more drinking from BPA Plastics.
  • Enjoy better-tasting beverages and food.
  • Better looking hair and healthier skin.
  • Minimize the need to moisturize.
  • Soups and vegetables cook in less time.
  • Use fewer ingredients for coffee and tea.
  • Reduce soap and detergent usage.
  • Save time on housework.
  • No more ring in your toilet.
  • Shiny clean tubs and showers.
  • Glistening glassware and dishes.
  • Clothing lasts longer, brighter colors.
  • Home and Car stay cleaner.
  • Eliminate soap scum in shower doors.
  • No more 
    ring in toilets.
  • No more watermarks in sink or faucet.
  • Appliances last longer.
  • Can increase your property’s value.
  • Save $$$ on energy.
  • Maintains a healthy lifestyle.


Purified Solutions offers the most innovative technology to ensure high-quality Water and Air for your entire home, apartment or place of business. Our water conditioning systems treat any type of water and inhibit the growth of bacteria within the filtration unit. We take our commitment seriously when it comes to improving our customers’ water and air quality. Excellent service and satisfaction is our top priority.



Purified Solutions… “
Water & Air Solutions for better Health and Lifestyle

Purified Solutions… “

Water & Air Solutions for Better Health and Lifestyle

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