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Shower Filters

Shower Filters

PS-SF6 Series


This low-profile 6-Stage shower filter reduces chlorine, lime, rust and other heavy metals leaving healthier hair and skin in every shower.

  • High-quality Calcium Sulfite to remove chlorine and chloramine in high temperatures.
  • Removes sediment, unpleasant taste and odor.
  • Creates a softer and energized shower “feel”.
  • Improves both lathering and sudsing.
  • Specifically engineered for efficiency and performance.
  • Multi-filtration design to provide the best shower experience.
  • KDF removes free chlorine, lead, mercury, nickel, chromium and other soluble metals.
  • Capable of controlling bacteria, fungi, dirt, and algae.
  • Fits perfectly between your existing shower head and pipe with standard size fittings.

Dimensions: 2.5”W x 2.5”D x 4.75”H
Max Temperature: 140°F
Cartridge Life: 12,000 Gallons (6~12 Months)



Water Stream


Designed to fit any standard shower arm, Purified Solution’s Water Stream may replace a preexisting shower head fixture. With over 300 spray plate holes this shower head is sure to provide the best spa-inspired experience, enticing you with refreshing and relaxing aromatherapy in your own shower. Our vitamin C filtration technology can effectively neutralize chlorine to support a healthier skin and hair, while removing additional contaminants brought through your piping system. If you love spa jets, our laser-cut spray plate will boost weak water pressure to give you a therapeutic shower while saving up to 30% less water. Escape into paradise with this Aromatherapy Vitamin C shower head to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit!


  • Chlorine & Rust Removal: Removes up to 98% of residual chlorine, including trihalomethanes; minimizing deterioration, aging, irritation, dryness, itching, damaging, and dandruff, while trappings residual rust, dirt, particles up to 5μ in size as well as other contaminants from your pipes and hot water tank with the embedded microfiber filter. Leaving a healthier skin and hair.
  • Vitamin C Replenishment: Concentrated vitamin C (1.2mg/cc) equivalent to a total of 3,000 lemons which promotes healthier and thicker hair; a beautiful and moisturized skin; and helps prevent atopic dermatitis, itching, eczema, asthma etc.Bacteriostasis Negative Ions: Scientifically proven to generate up to 100x the amount of negative ions (421,000pcs/cc) compared to a waterfall which aids in breathing, increase blood flow, balance pH and alleviate stress while preventing growth of bacteria.
  • Water Pressure and Conservation: Patented technology produces a Spa-like Massage by increasing water pressure up to 6x compared to other high-end shower heads in today’s market, while reducing water consumption by up to 30%. Thus saving more than 650 gallons per filter cartridge.
  • Bacteriostasis Negative Ions: Scientifically proven to generate up to 100x the amount of negative ions (421,000pcs/cc) compared to a waterfall which aids in breathing, increase blood flow, balance pH and alleviate stress while preventing growth of bacteria.
  • Aromatherapy Effect: Naturally gentle aroma oils which providing uplifting scents to enhance relaxation and to alleviate stress and depression in each shower while also helping in reducing unwanted odors.
    Each vitamin C replacement filter cartridge lasts up to 2,200 gallons (60~90 days depending on usage).
    : Assists in relieving digestive conditions, heart health, and acts as a skin moisturizer with a high concentration of antioxidants. It possesses hydrating and healing properties used to moisturize and protect dry, rough and flaky skin while boosting immunity and preventing acne and aging.
    : Invigorating and helpful for respiratory problems, wounds, mental exhaustion, muscle pain, and skin infections. Eucalyptus oil is an antibacterial, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and a natural decongestant. It can help alleviate exhaustion and mental sluggishness. In aromatherapy, it is frequently used to stimulate mental activity and increase blood flow to the brain.
    : Great as an antiseptic, aphrodisiac, sleep aid, and hydrator for skin.
    Jasmine calms down the body, mind, and soul by bringing forth positive emotions while treating dehydrated or brittle skin. It provides relief from coughs by helping clear out the accumulation of phlegm and minimizing snoring by clearing out congestion. Jasmine helps induce feelings of romance in the bathroom to convey the mood for intimacy and also enhances libido and feelings of sexual desire.
    : For calming anxiety, better sleep, improving blood circulation, treating acne, and strengthening the immune system. Lavender induces sleep and makes it a great alternative for treatment of insomnia. Its refreshing aroma removes nervous exhaustion and restlessness while increasing mental activity. It is helpful in treating migraines, headaches, depression, anxiety and emotional stress.
    : Detoxifies skin, relieves stress, and increases alertness and concentration. Lemon oil is rich in antioxidants and it’s great for detoxifying and rejuvenating the skin. Its use in aromatherapy promotes improved concentration, enhanced awareness and increased energy. Additionally, many experts use it to reduce stress, anxiety, and the symptoms of insomnia.
    : Neutrally formulated cartridges for those who prefer not to have an aromatherapy enhancement to their showers, but still want the benefits of vitamin C to promote a healthier and thicker hair, a beautiful and moisturized skin. The neutral filter cartridge assists in reducing atopic dermatitis, itching, eczema and asthma.
    : Stabilizing the body and mind while relieving stress and allowing the strengthening of the immune system.
    : Improves metabolism and eye health while minimizing respiratory, cough and cold conditions.
    : Boosts Confidence and minimizes depression while providing a beautiful, healthy and young skin.
    : Relax and soothe your body and mind with the sweet and exotic scent of the tropics

Dimensions: 4.5”W x 5”D x 4.5”H
Rate: 2.5 Gallons-per-Minute
Cartridge Life: 2,200 Gallons (30~90 Days) -depending on usage

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